Planning Prenatal Care in Pleasant Hill

Chiropractic Pleasant Hill CA Prenatal Care

When you are planning on expanding your family in Pleasant Hill, one of the best things you can do is get as healthy as you can. We all know to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get good exercise and sleep, and stop any unhealthy habits.

Passion In your Pleasant Hill Chiropractor

At Mulhall Family Chiropractic in Pleasant Hill, it is Dr. Geraldine’s passion to make sure your body is able to function as effectively as it can, so you increase your chances of conceiving and having a strong, happy, and healthy pregnancy and baby!

Correcting any problems before they interfere with your ability to get pregnant is the best way to start your baby off on the right foot. Many of the practice members that have come to me when they were pregnant and having major symptoms also told me that they knew about a pre-existing injury/symptom before they conceived. It only became intolerable during their pregnancy. Others, who decided to find out if they had any imbalances and get them corrected before conceiving, had a much easier time getting and staying pregnant.

Starting Out

Planning and preparing your body for this journey should start one year before your actual, “we’re working on conceiving” happens. This means starting a very good prenatal vitamin routine (not all vitamins are equal!) one year before you actually plan to try for conception. Did you know that it takes 90 days for an egg to develop before it is released for possible fertilization? Everything you do for the last 90 days before conception can mean the difference between a healthy baby and one with some sort of challenge.

At Mulhall Family Chiropractic in Pleasant Hill we help moms and Dad’s-to-be, discover all the ways to be as healthy as possible physically, mentally, and emotionally. We work with you so you have the proper chiropractic care for you, as well as nutritional and exercise advice. We work with your doctors and have other specialists and experts that we can suggest, in the area of conception and pregnancy, so that you can create the team that works for you!


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