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"I just want to say that since we have been working with Dr. Mulhall-Wright our babies digestive problems have improved 100%. We have had the best care and have not had any problems. Dr. Mulhall-Wright is nice and friendly really good at what she does we are very pleased."

- Roya M.

"I am so thankful I found this place. Geraldine is one of the sweetest people out there. She honestly doesn't want to see anyone in pain and will work with you to get back to health. I haven't felt so good since the early 1990's."

- Rick M.

"Dr. Mulhall-Wright was referred to me by a friend. I have seen her twice and both times I left feeling 100% better than when I came in. She is great at explaining what's "off" and causing pain, and then she fixes it! Love that!"

- Estie B.

"When I first came to see Dr. Mulhall, I was a mess! I walked in the door using a cane and could barely move my right leg because of sciatica.

My family has a history of arthritis and my body is following true to form. I’ve already had one knee replacement and the other one is making my life miserable. I wish they’d change that one too! I had gone to an orthopedic specialist because of my knee and he had injected cortisone in the bad knee. This was the first time I’d ever had the procedure done and I was amazed at how well it worked. It worked so well in fact that 3 days after my injection I was out in my yard using a chainsaw to take out a large fallen tree limb that lay in my yard. I spent most of the afternoon chopping up the limb and cleaning up the yard.

Long story short, I over did it with the chainsaw. I awoke the next morning before dawn and could barely roll out of bed onto my hands and knees. I was in agony, with severe pain in my lower back and shooting down my right leg. I had a pair of crutches in the garage from my knee replacement surgery and I used them to get around the house that weekend. Monday morning I called my doctor, but couldn’t get in to see him for 3 more days. I needed help NOW!

A friend who has a bad back had been going to the chiropractor locally for years. I called him to see if he thought his chiropractor might be available for an emergence case like mine. He gave me the phone number and said to give it a try. The office manager was very courteous and scheduled me for later that same day. As I stated previously, I was mess.

Dr. Mulhall, for it was she that my friend had been going to, examined me, then poked and prodded at me with her experienced hands. With some manipulations on her part and grunts on mine, I began to feel a little relief. She had taken the edge off the pain. I still hurt but didn’t feel like I had a knife stuck in my back. She devised a plan to manipulate my old body back into alignment and for several months we’ve been working together to make me whole again.

When I did make it in to see my own doctor, he advised me to use bed rest and pain pills; eventually my body would heal and I’d feel better. He also advised me to ‘act your age!’ and ‘take care of your body.’ That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

Several months later, I’m now back on my feet and feeling good. I still walk with a slight limp, but nearly all the back pain is gone. Living without pain is a major contributor to my happiness and well being and I owe it to Dr. Mulhall’s treatment."

- David H.

"Dr. Mulhall has been a fabulous find for our family! My wife has a rare pelvic issue associated with her pregnancy and experienced relief almost immediately after seeing Dr. Mulhall. I was having morning back spasms on a regular basis that made getting out of bed an issue. Within a week of treatments, the pain virtually vanished! We also appreciate the fact that Dr. Mulhall has always made herself available to us, allowing for unscheduled visits and last minute drop-ins. On top of great care, she possesses a sunny disposition that always keeps you smiling!

Our daughter Danica had birth trauma issues, including a lazy eye and breathing difficulties that were scary to hear at night. Working with Dr. Mulhall gave us great comfort the first year of our daughter’s life as we watched our baby’s health improve week by week. Her eye and breathing are completely normal now, and my wife and I are totally convinced that chiropractic care is the main reason why. Danica loves to climb up on Dr. Mulhall’s tables for her adjustments whenever we bring her in. I highly recommend Mulhall Family Chiropractic for outstanding infant and toddler care!

Thanks, Dr. Geraldine!"

- The Larsgaard Family

"I had seen a chiropractor before, but didn’t feel the connection I feel with Dr. Mulhall-Wright… to the point where Dr. Mulhall was the one who adjusted my back. I always resisted adjustments from the other doctors.

In 2010, I was in a minor rear end accident. I came in the next day for my regular adjustment and told Dr. Mulhall about my minor rear-ender, Dr. Mulhall said, “Let’s take a scan”. The scan revealed there was indeed trauma and injury to my neck and upper back.

We started immediately on a program to keep me stable while I was healing. Three months later I was released with no residuals what0-so-ever and continued on my regular preventative program. I believe I healed correctly because I listened to Dr. Mulhall-Wright’s recommendations."

- Susan D.

"As a college student and avid gamer I began to experience a sharp pain in my neck that eventually never went away. The pain was interfering with my school work and social life. My medical doctor suggested aspirin and some neck stretches, which really didn’t work. My mom suggested I see Dr. Mulhall-Wright, D.C. for an opinion and examination.

The exam was awesome! I have never had a doctor listen so intently or have such a hands-on approach during the exam. Sure I was skeptical, but after my first treatment I felt so much relief. Dr. Mulhall-Wright, D.C. explained how constantly using my electronics was affecting my neck and that she had a solution! Nice. Dr. Mulhall helped me understand the difference between symptom chiropractic care and functional chiropractic care and how both affected my body.

After a few weeks of adjustments to my spine and neck, and some home care of exercise and stretching, I’m happy to say that my pain has decreased significantly. I’ve learned about balance between computer use and other activities. Thanks Dr. Mulhall-Wright, D.C.!"

- Ron

"Before I started coming to Dr. Mulhall-Wright, D.C. I was receiving regular Steroid shots, on six medication and in great overall pain. I could hardly walk, nor could I sit comfortably. I could only stand for very brief moments of time. I carried a gel-pack and pillow almost everywhere I went. At first I was very skeptical, and considered my chiropractor’s method of treatment very weird. I could not see how her strange, gentle style of adjustment could accomplish anything, however the results I have received while being under care have made a true believer out of me. You do truly have to experience it to believe it.

I can honestly say that “I’ve come a long way, Baby!” Now, I can walk, sit, and stand without pain. I am off four of the six medication and am no longer receiving steroid shots. I feel 100% better emotionally, physically, and mentally. My initial x-rays made my spine look like an out of shape accordion. A few months afterward Dr. Mulhall-Wright, DC did a follow up x-ray. I was amazed at the difference between the two. No wonder I felt better, it looked a whole lot better!

I am happy to say that I have noticed a 100% turn around in my pain and stress level. When you are in so much pain you stay stressed out all the time. Now I’m not because my pain level has decreased tremendously. Before, the pain was so bad, I did not feel like doing anything; I became so sedentary. Now I feel like doing more and am going to work on becoming more active.

Dr. Mulhall-Wright, DC explained to me the difference between symptom chiropractic care and functional chiropractic care. Now that I’m out of acute pain, I see Dr. Mulhall-Wright monthly to keep my nervous system healthy and help avoid any injuries. I am a whole new person. Dr. Mulhall-Wright, DC literally gave me my life back. Thanks Dr. Mulhall-Wright, D.C.!"

- Susan


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